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Hi there! My name is Michael Daniels and I am originally from New York. Not to be confused with living in Myrtle Beach most of my life. I have an Associates in Business Administration and I am a graduate from Carolina Forest High School. I currently reside in Carolina Forest today and enjoy every minute of it. In my professional career I have managed retail stores for 13 total years in the industry. I am well equipped in knowing what it takes to be successful in delivering excellent customer service as I have seen it all. I am an ambitious, outgoing guy that takes pride in holding a high standard of professionalism. In my free time, you can find me either on a basketball court shooting hoops or in the gym working out. An active lifestyle is my passion and I could talk your ear off about sports if you let me. I am thrilled to be a part of MD Roofing as their values inspire me to achieve excellence. I am an open book so never be afraid to connect with me and ask questions. I look forward in earning your business and working with you!

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